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h3yoga offers health tips and yoga lessons, inspiring yoga events and amazing retreats, teacher trainings, workshops and yoga business consulting, DVDs, books and manuals
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Articles, health tips, insights and lessons

h3yoga blog offers great articles, helpful yoga lessons, stories and experiences from the life of yoga, insights on different yoga styles, tips on healthy lifestyle and nutrition

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Inspiring yoga events & amazing retreats

h3yoga, together with partner studios organizes certified teacher training events, instructive and inspiring workshops and luxury yoga retreats, with amazing programs and sights…

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Teacher trainings, workshops & yoga business consulting

Learn Yin Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Thai Yoga and SUP Yoga, offered to all level yoga students at h3yoga or become a certified yoga teacher via our specialized teacher trainings…

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Books, manuals, video and audio classes

Read amazing yoga journeys around the world, practice yoga sequences and postures from the confort of your own room with the help of the audio and video classes…

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About h3yoga

h3yoga builds confidence, skill, and transformation in Yoga Students, Yoga Teachers, and Thai Yoga practitioners.

We do this by creating opportunities to observe the diversity of physical range of motion in students, expanding vocabulary with tangible sensation, connecting Eastern concepts with Western anatomy, and exploring the connection between sequences and modern research into health.

Trainings and specialty workshops for all level practitioners
  • Teacher Trainings
  • Thai Yoga trainings and workshops
  • Yin Yoga workshops
  • Ashtanga Yoga Workshops
  • Intermediate and all level workshops
  • SUP Yoga

Client testimonials

h3yoga Teacher Training has exceeded my expectations. I have learned so much about myself and how to be a great yoga teacher.
The materials given to us have been so helpful and I will continue to use them throughout my yoga career. I would absolutely recommend h3yoga and Gabriel’s training to everyone.

It is truly a life changing experience.

Thank you!

This has been the most rewarding experience. I have learned so much, not only about yoga, but about myself. Watching myself grow, along with the other trainees and students at the studio has been extremely supportive.

h3yoga has provided so much knowledge, compassion and awareness. So much gratitude!

The h3yoga training was an in depth, hands on approach that helped me to gain a more thorough understanding of the challenges that I, as a Yoga Teacher will face and experience. In the h3yoga training I gained an appreciation for the origin and philosophy of yoga and how to integrate that knowledge into practical teaching.

The anatomy and business part was also very helpful. In the anatomy section there were very useful and practical concepts on movement and bio-mechanics of yoga poses.

This course was definitely worth every minute!

Yoga business consulting

h3yoga has supported many yoga studios all over the world create/develop successful new business or take their existing yoga business to the next level. Let h3yoga support your business / studio as well!

Teacher Training

Only at h3yoga! Accumute the hours at your own pace!





Take our modules whenever they appear and accumulate hours for your 200, 300 or 500 at your own pace! No other yoga school allows you to explore your growth at your own pace!


h3tv brings you the best of yoga, SUP, Thai Massage, and Insight into life videos. We scour Youtube to find you the highest quality videos that expand your practice and change your life.

Our videos break down all the postures in the popular yoga styles today, from Ashtanga to Bikram, from Yin to Flow.

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